to be yourself
and vibrate
your passions

And what if a single click would release your inner beauty?
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  • Be yourself despite others' expectations
  • Listen to your heart and release your passions
  • Enjoy the gift of the present moment

to be yourself
and vibrate
your passions

  • Be yourself despite others expectations
  • Listen to your heart and release your passions
  • Enjoy the gift of the present moment

And what if a single click
would release your inner beauty?

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Behind the curtain

Discover the fire that drives me in this short video message

Why would you need that?

In quest of your place in the great show of life? => You are at the right place!

For each of us


  • I’m afraid to speak in public, in group
  • I don’t dare to be myself with the others
  • I feel like not being at the right place


GIFT: 10 min mobile call / 1 short test session

The services

In person at the Studio (France – 68220 – Attenschwiller) or via video call

Single session

  • Status check
  • Reveal the first answers, get advices on the next steps
  • Just to take care of yourself!

4 to 6 months accompaniment

  • Private session (1h) every other week
  • Personalized documents to support your success every other week
  • Email Prioritized email connection if needed

VIP: with the following in addition:

  • A unique gift: a tailored song created to accelerate your results!
  • Live coaching for a particular event

“It is time to tune in

    to our beautiful inner music: LOVE!”

What resonates

Guillaume is an outstanding coach with tremendous positive energy!

Serge Ritzenthaler

director of the school École HAPPY
Ecole Happy

Guillaume a true magician of the heart! Through the softness of his voice and his meditation techniques, he transports us to healing.


Guillaume reached out to me in a moment where I was in a lot of physical pain and didn’t understand why. His technique allowed for some interesting topics to surface and I was able to get to the bottom of what was troubling me and work it out.
I loved the technique because it was so easy yet so powerful.
I enjoyed working with Guillaume because he is very easy going and created the space I needed to get things to unfold


The group and private sessions with Guillaume enabled me to clarify my thoughts, be more confident and feel aligned during this particular and long period (the covid lockdown)
The EFT exercises are easy to do and also fun. They provide immediate results, and they really last in time – with no side-effect 🙂


Thank you COACH for being able to listen to me, understand me and help me overcome a difficult moment. Your sparkle and “joie de vivre” are already repairing the soul …
Thanks to you I realize what I am and what I am worth. Every day I tell myself that I am capable of arriving and always having solutions.
Life is Beautiful


During this song healing session, I was guided with kindness and know-how towards a connection to myself and to the whole Universe. Without a word from me, Guillaume allowed me to be bathed in the mixed sounds of our two voices, to be carried by these vibrations to another dimension, and to feel the force of Life in its purest state. A wonderful journey!


Sound Healing Session

The first impression is always the right one, and this was confirmed with Guillaume. A big and frank smile, a great active listening, a big empathy: he can point the finger at what you are looking for.
In short, a beautiful person and an excellent coach that I highly recommend!


Guillaume is an amazing artist that pours his heart and soul into his creations. You will hear it in his music, see in his performance and feel in his coaching. His enthusiasm for life is infectious.


Guillaume Lapierre, a coach by essence, someone fundamentally good who will help you and guide you on the path of your life …


Guillaume was able to revive the confidence and the tools necessary to create my song at 51 and especially to sing it during a guided relaxation exercise.
He is a great coach because of his softness, his listening skills, his availability, he knows how to guide us step by step towards the achievement of our objective. Thank you, Guillaume.


Guillaume is very professional and has a very gentle way of transporting you during the sessions. I particularly appreciate his musical interpretation.
I recommend