Presentation – English

My present


I’m an eternal optimist, a bombshell of enthusiasm and a born coach.

I love spending time with my children and I love raising their souls in kindness and Montessori-style 🙂


From a very young age, I have had only one creed that I would not change for anything in the world: “With Guillaume it always works!”


Today, I follow the impulse of my soul, every day, and accepting not to know my future. I write it step by step. I am a trainer and speaker, and I feel this fire in me whether it is in group work or in individual support.

I’m just made for that!





















Coach Sophrologist EFT

My past


I did music, a lot: end of saxophone study and end of theory study at the conservatory, then guitar, piano, singing lessons, theater, home studio and mixing.


I’ve been on stage, a lot: soloist from several orchestras, stages with my French song group, musical comedy shows in a professional troupe, annual gala presenter with 500 people, improvisation theater at LOLITA in Strasbourg.


I did a lot of coaching: passionate about personal development, trained during more than 150 hours at the school of Serge Ritzenthaler, I devoured several best sellers and will continue to rise until after my physical death


Our futur


Hope to see you, if the time is right for you!


What tools ?

Sophrology – in 2 words

EFT – in 2 words

A natural blend

Why working with me?

  • I′m never judging

  • Super motivating

  • Connected to Life


Why someone else?

Life is so well made …

there is something for everyone, and for all needs!

My creation


  • Inspired and inspiring song

  • Pursue your passions

  • We all have our path to fulfillment

“We are not on earth to waste time bending
and get into boxes that aren’t made for us “







The books that inspire me