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Past activities

  • Coach, Sophrologist and EFT expert - cetified École Happy
  • Trainer at the school: École Happy
  • More than 150 hours of received training, in group and individual
  • Professional trainer for big companies
  • Engineer degree in IT, SCRUM Master, OCM Lead


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is you!

Code of ethics from École Happy


As a support professional, I agree to abide by the following code of ethics, which guarantees my professional ethics.


Article 1

I agree to treat all of my clients equally.


Article 2

I promise to be honest and respectful to my clients.


Article 3

I agree to respect the confidentiality of the information collected from my customers.


Article 4

I agree to respect the physical and mental integrity of my clients.


Article 5

I agree to refrain from any religious or political propaganda.


Article 6

I agree not to take the place of health professionals, not to make a diagnosis, not to offer medical treatment, and not to interfere in the medical treatment of my clients.


Article 7

I agree to respect the limits of my skills and to refer my clients to healthcare professionals when necessary.


Article 8

I agree not to disseminate information that could harm the profession.


Article 9

I agree to maintain fraternal relations of respect and courtesy towards other Sophrologists and EFT practitioners.